Ava Chung

Meet Ava Chung, Pediatric Dentist in Rancho Cucamonga

Education & Credentials


University of California, San Francisco School of Dentistry; San Francisco, CA


Pediatric Dentistry, Loma Linda University; Loma Linda, CA


I did not have good experiences in the dental office when I was young, and I would like to provide good experiences for my patients. I want my patients to feel no fear in the dental office.


I enjoy working with children. During my free time, I enjoy hiking and watching movies with my family. I am fluent in Mandarin Chinese.


Graduated magna cum laude from UCLA


Ramsey Award for Excellence in Physical Chemistry at UCLA

Professional Associations

American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, California Society of Pediatric Dentistry

Volunteer/Service Experience

Mission trips to Haiti, Mexico, and Trona; Give Kids A Smile, Children's Health Hut


My favorite cartoons are Shaun the Sheep, Storks, and Beauty and the Beast. My favorite foods are McDonalds and pineapple. For vacation, my favorite destination is Paris.

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